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The purpose of a functional driving assessment is to determine if the individual's medical condition, medications, functional limitations and/or anxiety have an effect on driving. 

At Drive ON! we offer Functional Driving Assessments for all Medical Conditions including evaluations for the Vision Waiver program.   Review of test results may indicate potential for training/remediation. 

Our goal  is to assist clients in maintaining driving skills  (fitness to drive) and safety behind the wheel.


Following a driving assessment, the Occupational Therapist may recommend driving lessons, including learning to use adaptive equipment, as needed, or in-clinic training sessions to improve specific skills needed for safe driving.


Following an initial assessment by the Occupational Therapist to identify triggers and individual needs, goals and a graded program are developed with the individual that may include exposure therapy, anxiety management techniques or stress management strategies. Defensive driving techniques and hazard perception skills may also be taught. The on road training will be provided by the licensed driving instructor (DI) with a final on-road evaluation of goals met being completed by the DI and the Occupational Therapist.


In collaboration with the client and following a comprehensive assessment, written recommendations for adaptive equipment and changes to new or current vehicles are provided. The Occupational Therapist can also assist with sourcing out funding options.

Once the equipment is installed, a final fitting may be completed to verify correct installation and that the prescribed equipment meets the functional needs of the individual.